Ass. Prof. Femi Adedina

Ass. Prof. Femi Adedina is a distinguished Theatre Arts Associate Professor at Lagos State University of Education, Lagos, where he inspires countless students through his passion for the arts. With a wealth of academic and creative achievements, Ass. Prof. Adedina has left an indelible mark on the field of Arts and Humanities. His prolific career spans the publication of over 20 books and numerous journal articles, establishing him as a leading voice in his field. Ass. Prof. Adedina's scholarly contributions have garnered widespread acclaim, earning him numerous prestigious awards for his outstanding achievements and groundbreaking research. Ass. Prof. Adedina holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Creative Writing from Edith Cowan University in Perth, Australia, where he was recognized as an Australian Endeavour International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (IPRS) scholar. His academic journey reflects a commitment to excellence and innovation, shaping the future of arts education and research. As a dedicated educator, prolific author, and esteemed scholar, Ass. Prof. Femi Adedina continues to inspire and empower the next generation of creative minds, leaving an enduring legacy in the world of Arts and Humanities.

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The Communique By Femi Adedina

A performance poetry of "The Communique" a long poem by Femi Adedina performed by students of Department of Theatre Arts, Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education, Oto-Ijanikin, Lagos. The long poem explores the challenges and inequality affecting the society. It was directed by Hafiz Oyetoro AKA Simply Saka

NS Cabal Episode 1 Directed By Femi Adedina

A great movie. It gives a clear picture of how this country is. we're living in a country full of all evil everyone uses their power anyone. God save us in this country. Bad character spoil good manner

NS Cabal Episode 2 Directed By Femi Adedina

Wow 😲 this play has exposed political corruption, social corruption, immorality, drug, cultism and living dangers

NS Cabal Episode 3 Directed By Femi Adedina

I watched this episode with tears why can\'t the hospital attend to Jimmy\'s health without money until the child died. this country is really work in progress. Corruption everywhere. No true friend anymore. Kudos to the crew cast and to everyone that partake in the movie.

A Woman Who Has Not Eaten For 16 Years But still Looks Healthier

Is this medically possible? It\'s quite unbelievable! Pls watch and listen attentively.


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Being Different – Understanding Yourself More

We all are what we think. Our lives are made of thoughts. We think it leads to action, the action leads to habit forming, habits are formed and a life is born and we live this life, and actions and reactions come up. We then become who we are in reaction to those actions and reactions. Examine your thoughts. Or you don’t think at all?
Watch your thoughts. What thoughts appeal to you most? Sad? Happy? Wicked? Dangerous? Suicidal? Harming others? Deceit? Cheating? Innovating? Creative? Selfish? Compassionate? Being generous? Being helpful? Destroying others? or building others up? We all have thoughts that race through our minds daily. The thoughts we feed are the one that grow and define us. We sleep and wake up every day thinking how we need to make money, and ways of making money will come to us. The shortcuts, the positive ways which will take time, and the negative ways which will take a shorter time but which we and our generations yet unborn will come to us. The beauty of all these thoughts coming to our minds is that we have SELF-WILL and CHOICE. As we choose which thoughts to grow, however, we need to understand that there are repercussions of our choices and the effects of the thoughts we linger on and build. Our thoughts are the building blocks of our life, we all have to live in the houses we build with our thoughts.
One other fact we need to understand and know concerning our thoughts is that we all think in pictures. A good example is a man whose wife sleeps with another man. The first picture that comes to his mind is the physical shape of the man who is able to sleep with his woman. Is he taller than me? Fairer? Richer? Stronger? Is he a six-pack kind of man? Is his manhood bigger than mine or smaller? How about his looks? Handsome? Do I have a chance of competition? Younger or older than me? In asking these questions, they come to the man through pictures. As human beings, we see in pictures and think through pictures. So, you want to be different, succeed, and achieve, visualize what you want. If you have a project you want to do, visualize it mentally and give it positive thoughts.
One other thing about our thoughts is that they build on themselves. A thought will attract thoughts that are like them. As they attract like thoughts, they grow and will always come back to the person who initiated the thought in the first instance. Hence the saying, whatever you sow, you reap. The aspect not stressed is that it takes time for what you sow to come to you and that they come in multiples while you sow singly.
So be careful of what you think. When you are thinking, you are laying a bed, and be careful of the bed you make. You shall surely lie on it. There is no cheating or shortcut in nature. Nature will always repay you in multiples. So, beware and be warned. As you control your thoughts and manage them positively, a new person will begin to emerge and you will know you are becoming a different person. The changes will become clear.
Let’s say you are a sloth, full person. You start thinking about changing this to a more hardworking person, as you think more on this, like thoughts come to you and slowly you leave your slothful ways. Let us say you are a vengeful person and you decide to become forgiving. You will be surprised at the person that emerges from this change of mind. Have you ever wondered how it is that when you think there is no way out of a quandary you find yourself but the moment you start thinking of ways out and you either pray about it or passionately ask for help out of the problem, nature will start directing solutions to you.

Thoughts are the key to unfurling your potentials. Master your thoughts and you will master anything or any challenge you may come across. Know that your thoughts are from you and will come back to you.
Now that you have been able to get the new person out, what next?

Being Different – Knowing Yourself

You only have you. The only you meant to be pampered, improved upon, and loved. Hence the words: love your neighbour as yourself. If you don’t love yourself, how can you love another?
To know yourself is to love yourself. Look around you, do you ever love a person, an object, or an idea without first examining the idea, object or person? However, before trying to examine and inquire into your love object or idea or person you must first accept the loved person, object or idea. So, the first step in knowing yourself on the way to being different is to accept yourself. You must accept who you are. If you reject your personhood, who will love you?

Many people reject who they are. They are not comfortable in their body or even skin. It could be physical. They want to be taller, shorter, fairer, fatter or skinnier than they are presently. It may be mental, they want to be smarter, less intelligent than who they are now, or overall want a different body, brain, or person. On the reverse are those who hate themselves. They so hate who they are that they do everything to hurt their person. They make wrong decisions, use their body wrongly, and take actions that will not elevate their person because they greatly detest who they are. In this category are those who drink themselves to death, those who loved being abused, and a host of others who make decisions detrimental to their being, progress, and living. The question is why do they do such things? In most cases, they have not accepted who they found themselves to be.
In another category are those who think and act low or less of themselves. They believe they are unworthy, not up to par, or just inadequate in themselves. The key to this behaviour is non-acceptance of who they are.
This behaviour then makes it impossible for them to progress. The main solution to the above is acceptance of self. How do you accept yourself in the first instance, know yourself, and then ultimately love yourself to the point of loving others?

After accepting yourself, that is, accepting the whole package of who you are, warts and all; what you need to do next is to know who you are. Who are you? What do you know about yourself? Do one thing, please, examine yourself. What score do you think you will score if you are to be examined on yourself? Excellent? Average? Passable? Or outrightly poor?

What, however, has examining yourself got to do with knowing yourself?

Being Different

A keen observer of me as a person will quickly realize one fact, I am different. I am a different and unique individual who creates a niche for myself.

These differences are reflected in the way I live, what I do, what I eat, how I work and my entire personality. So, if you put me beside others, you will be able to decipher quickly that I am a different individual from the run of the mill individuals. I have a template of living my life in a way that makes me a distinct person.
However, being different is an arduous task, lonely, tasking, involving and demanding. When you are different from the common run, you will have opposition, you will be examined critically, studied and many would want to be your friend while others will just hate you for no reason.

You don’t owe anyone any explanation. The creator did not create everyone to be the same. Look into nature and creation and you will find out that the world is not monochromic but a place of varieties. Take human beings, we are as varied as we can be.

The more than 7.2 billion people in the world are so diversified and varied to the pint that no two individuals are the same even if they are identical twins. This is reflected in the using of biometric indices as a measure of differentiating human beings.

So, you are different. You are the original created by God and there are no two of you. The original copy will always be different from the photocopy. If the creator made you distinct, why do you make yourself a copy of another person. Being different means that you want to maintain your unique qualities, skills, values and talents given to you to use on this earth. However, it is not going to be easy because our world will want you to be like others and fall in to being a product from the factory. That is same shape, same content and same colour. Human beings however, are not like that. To process you into becoming same of same, the society uses many means. These include the media, the socializing agents like family, culture and education through schooling.
You need to break free from all of them and realize that when you came to this world you came in single and when you will get out of this plane you will exit singly. You brought nothing into this world and you will take nothing out of this world.

The only record of what you are and who you are will only be recorded through your being unique and different because that is what will make you have an impact. Being different however is a battle. A battle against all those who want you to be like them. Their list is long: your parents, your religious leaders, your friends, your siblings, your family, your colleagues at work and your neighbors and acquaintances. The easiest way is to fall in to becoming like them while the hardest way is trying to be yourself.
The question then is how do you maintain who you are while being different and unique?